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  • April 30, 2011

    Listen, you mother******s, we're going to tax you 25 percent!
    -- Donald Trump, on how he'd tell China he's adding an export tariff
  • April 29, 2011

    There are certainly the mothers of some eligible young aristocratic women who are very disappointed, who feel their daughters have been pipped at the post.
    -- BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell
  • April 28, 2011

    You may be rubbed red sore in 200-year-old tight buckskin breeches that 20 men have worn before you.
    -- retired Duke of Edinburgh head coachman David E. Saunders, on the travails of wedding duty
  • April 27, 2011

    Paying attention to the royal family, even if only to read sensationalist tabloid articles about them, is one of the proper jobs of English people. But for an American to be excited about the royal wedding is undignified and lame. And, I would add, if you get up at 3 a.m. on Friday to watch the wedding on television, you are a traitor to your country.
    -- Mark Oppenheimer
  • April 26, 2011

    If you really love him, honey, get him out of there, and yourself, too. Many of us don't want or need another sacrifical lamb to water the dried bones and veins of a dessicated system.
    -- Christopher Hitchens' advice for Kate Middleton
  • April 25, 2011

    And that's what the royal family is -- it's a huge game of pretend. These aren't special people -- it's fake outfits, fake phony hats and gowns
    -- Jerry Seinfeld
    He's just jealous because he doesn't have a royal family in this country.
    -- Piers Morgan
  • April 24, 2011

    All his ex-wives are happy.
    -- Iowan Republican activist Joni Scotter, on why Trump's three marriages won't matter to social conservatives
  • April 23, 2011

    It's a very sad thing. I have a great relationship with the blacks. I've always had a great relationship with the blacks. But unfortunately, it seems that, you know, the numbers you cite are very, very frightening numbers.
    -- Donald Trump on President Obama's sky-high support among African-Americans
  • April 22, 2011

    A lot of people are saying he wasn't even born in this country.
    -- Donald Trump
  • April 21, 2011

    There's something on that birth certificate that he doesn't like.
    -- Donald Trump