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  • June 01, 2011

    It's not a publicity-seeking tour.
    -- Sarah Palin, interviewed by Fox News aboard her 'One Nation' bus
  • May 31, 2011

    I'm not running for comedian-in-chief or entertainer-in-chief. I am not going to light my hair on fire and shoot sparks up my ears or whatever.
    -- Tim Pawlenty
  • May 29, 2011

    It was a good program, it was a legal program, it was not torture.
    -- Dick Cheney on waterboarding
  • May 27, 2011

    I worship the ground that Paul Ryan walks on.
    -- Dick Cheney
  • May 25, 2011

    Knowing how Washington works isn't necessarily an advantage. As a businessman going in, I don't want to know how Washington works. I want to change Washington, D.C. and so by not knowing how it is supposed to work I can ask tough questions that will help change the culture.
    -- Herman Cain, on running for president
  • May 25, 2011

    The literati sent out their minions to do their bidding...A lesser person could not have survived the first few minutes of the onslaught. But out of the billowing smoke and dust of tweets and trivia emerged Gingrich, once again ready to lead those who won't be intimidated by the political elite.
    -- Gingrich press secretary Rick Tyler, on media criticism of the former House Speaker
  • May 24, 2011

    The rapture definitely took place, but there just wasn't a soul worth saving so it went unnoticed. The world will still end in October, as planned.
    -- Harold Camping
  • May 23, 2011

    It has been a really tough weekend.
    -- Harold Camping
  • May 22, 2011

    I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and ultimately, the general election.
    -- Donald Trump, on announcing that he would not seek the presidency
  • May 21, 2011

    If the world does end tomorrow, alternate side parking will be suspended.
    -- New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in his weekly radio address