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  • December 10, 2018

    Trump on Mueller investigation: "This total Hoax will be studied for years!"....Trump on former FBI Director James Comey: "Must have set a record for who lied the most to Congress in one day. His Friday testimony was so untruthful!"....Trump on former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: "Dumb as a rock and I couldn't get rid of him fast enough. He was lazy as hell."....Trump on Sen. Dick Blumenthal: "The Dick."....CNN's Don Lemon on Trump: "The president of the United States is having a meltdown...He's embracing his inner internet troll."....Fox and Friends co-host Pete Hegseth: "Don Lemon really is a moron...Nothing he says is interesting."....Bob Woodward on Trump: "A walking conflict of interest."....conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi on Mueller investigation: "This is not justice, this is not America. This is a political prosecution...They're the criminals."....Tucker Carlson on Trump: "I don't think he's capable of sustained focus. I don't think he understands the system...I don't think his own agencies support him."....Roger Stone on Steve Bannon: "Dumb-Fatman."....former Gov. Mike Huckabee on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: "Looney."....Ocasio-Cortez on Mike Huckabee: "Leave the false statements to Sarah Huckabee. She's much better at it."....former Trump attorney Michael Cohen on Trump: "I [lied] in order to be consistent with Individual-1's political messaging and to be loyal to Individual-1."....Trump on Cohen: "A liar...Not a very smart person...A weak person."....Jack Schafer: "When circumstances overwhelm President Donald Trump's psyche, he self-medicates by giving sit-down interviews with the press."....Roger Stone: "Bob Mueller...and his out of control band of Angry Democrats, don't want the truth, they only want lies."....Trump on Mueller investigation: "This is our Joseph McCarthy era!"....Laurence Tribe: "What a foul bag of excrement this 'president' is proving himself to be."....Donald Trump Jr.: "Liberalism is a disease."....George Soros on Facebook: "A menace to society."....Stephen Colbert: "Obama made Trump seem like a bad president just by sitting next to him."....

  • November 27, 2018

    .............................................Trump on Mueller: "A conflicted prosecutor gone rogue."....Joe Scarborough on Trump: "A terrified man."....Trump on CNN: "Portraying the United States in an unfair and false way."....Hillary Clinton on Fox News: "Superb propaganda...A wholly-owned subsidiary of Trump and the Republican Party now."....Trump on GM: "They say the Chevy Cruze is not selling well. I say well then get a car that is selling well and put it back in."....Rick Santorum on new multi-agency government report on climate future: "If there was no climate change, we'd have a lot of scientists looking for work. The reality is that a lot of these scientists are driven by the money that they receive."....Dave Johnson, Ohio county GOP chairman, on Paradise and Malibu fires: "God's punishment to liberal California."....Trump on caravan: "A big con."....Geraldo Rivera on border response: "They walked 2,000 miles. Why? Because they want to rape your daughter or steal your lunch? No! Because they want a job...We treat these people, these economic refugees, as if they're zombies from 'The Walking Dead.'"....Trump: "Mexico should move the flag-waving Migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries."....Rep. Mia Love on Trump: "His world as it is: no real relationships, just convenient transactions."....Trump on U.S. voting system: "The Republicans don't win and that's because of potentially illegal votes...I have no doubt about it. And I've seen it, I've had friends talk about it...Sometimes they go to their car, put on a different hat, put on a different shirt, come in and vote again."....Trump on Sen. Adam Schiff: "Little Adam Schitt."....Jonathan Alter: "Spoken like the dumb 11-year-old playground bully that he is, always has been, and always will be."....Sen. Lindsey Graham on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman: "He's irrational, he's unhinged, and I have no intention of ever working with him again."....Trump: "Before I announced for president, I picked up the New York Times and I said to somebody, 'Boy, this paper is dead, look at it'...It was like a leaflet that you hand out at the supermarket. And now it's a vibrant paper."....Rihanna on Trump rallies: "Tragic."....Trump on Ivanka using private email for government work: "What it is, is a false story...It is all fake news."....Stephen King on Trump: "Condones murder, then explains it's okay for his daughter to do what he wanted Hillary Clinton locked up for..."....Eric Trump: "Our country is doing awesome...and the media refuses to cover it."..................................................

  • November 17, 2018

    Trump on CNN's Jim Acosta: "He doesn't even know what he's asking half of the time."....Sean Hannity on Acosta: "A self-serving liberal hack with zero journalistic integrity. He's supposed to be a journalist? That's a charade."....Eric Trump on Dem midterm strategy: "They're running on health care, which is a system that Obama broke."....Trump: "NBC is a total fraud, as far as I'm concerned. Their news is disgusting."....Former Secretary of State John Kerry on Trump: "A truculent child president."....Laura Ingraham on Congresswomen-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar: "The four horsewomen of the apocalypse."....Bernie Sanders on Trump: "A sexist, a racist, a homophobe, a xenophobe and a religious bigot...A pathological liar...He lies every day."....Trump on U.S. immigration laws: "The worst laws any country has anywhere in the world."....CNN's Jake Tapper on Trump: "Fomenting fear and doling out falsehoods."....Eric Trump: "What do the Democrats stand for? Let's double everybody's taxes. Let's attack law enforcement. Let's abolish ICE."....Fox News host Greg Gutfeld on John Kerry: "Plug your knothole, Captain Driftwood."....Kerry to Gutfeld: "Happy Veterans Day, Greg. I'm glad that all of us who served in uniform fought to defend your freedom to be a complete fool on Twitter."....David Axelrod on Donald Trump Jr.: "If Trump Sr. employs a dog whistle, Jr. favors a bullhorn, joyfully transmitting nutty conspiracy theories that even his dad might be hesitant to embrace."....Stephen King on Trump: "Successfully channeled America's id: the hatred, the prejudice, the dishonesty, the willing ignorance and turning away from facts. Most of all, the fear."....Seth Meyers on Trump: "A grifter who surrounds himself with other grifters."....George Conway on Trump administration: "Like a s***show in a dumpster fire."..................................................

  • November 5, 2018

    Nixon WH counsel John Dean: "History will treat Nixon's moral failures as relatively less troubling than Trump's sustained and growing decadence, deviousness and self-delusive behavior. Nixon = corrupt; Trump = evil."....Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway on Hillary Clinton: "The queen of abortion."....Trump: "The radical Democrats want to plunge our country into a nightmare of gridlock, poverty and chaos...Throw our borders wide open to deadly drugs and ruthless gangs. 'Come on in, everybody! Come on in!'" show host and Missouri General Assembly candidate Steve West on Jews: "Looking back in history, unfortunately Hitler was right..."....West's son Andy: "My dad's a fanatic. He must be stopped. His ideology is pure hatred. It's totally insane...He's saying that Jews shouldn't even have civil rights."....West's daughter Emily: "I can't imagine him in any level of government. He's made multiple comments that are racist and homophobic and how he doesn't like Jews."....George Conway on Trump: "When questioned after a tragedy, he will always be glib and inappropriate. His words are only salt in our wounds."....Frank Bruni on the internet: "What a glittering dream of expanded knowledge and enhanced connection it was at the start. What a nightmare of manipulated biases and metastasized hate it has turned into...It creates terrorists."....The Guardian on Trump: "A man who hates half of his country has no right to call for a unity that he does not believe in and which, in a heartbeat, he is ready to trash and mock."....Trump on FL gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum: "A stone cold thief."....Gillum on Trump: "Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty, but the pig likes it."....Laurence O'Donnell on Trump: "The most ignorant president in history."....Rush Limbaugh on family separation policy: "It isn't happening...[The media is] making this up."....writer Stephen King on Rep. Steve King: "I'm tired of being confused with this racist dumbbell."....Matt Drudge: "A segment on Fox News this morning where hosts laughed and joked their way through a discussion on political impact of terror was bizarre. Not even 48 hours since blood flowed at synagogue? Check your soul in the makeup chair!"....Rick Wilson on Trump appealing to white nationalists: "It's not a dog whistle, it's an air raid siren."....Piers Morgan: "Stop being such a coward, Mr. President...AR-15s have no place in any civilized society. Grow a pair, and ban them."....Jonathan Chait on Trump: "Tantalizing his supporters with the prospect of bloodshed...He is wafting into the air the scent of blood."....David Axelrod on Trump: "He's exhausting."....Rolf Dobelli: "News is to the mind what sugar is to the body."....

  • October 27, 2018

    Donald Trump Jr. on Sen. Jon Tester: "A piece of garbage."....Trump on media: "Constant unfair coverage, deep hostility, and negative attacks only serve to drive people apart and to undermine healthy debate."....former CIA Director John Brennan on Trump: "Stop blaming others. Look in the mirror...Try to act presidential. The American people deserve much better."....Trump on caravan: "I think some bad people started that...I think the Democrats had something to do with it...A lot of money has been passing to people to come up and try and get to the border by Election Day...I'll bring out our military. Not our reserves."....Stephen King on Trump: "Jesus, man -- you act like the Red Chinese army was invading. They're just a bunch of scared and hungry people."....Trump on undocumented immigrants: "[Democrats] want to give them cars...What kind of car will they supply them? Will it be a Rolls-Royce?"....Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery on caravan: "If you think about the kind of people you want to have in this country, you want people who are hardworking, people who are ethical, people who look out for their families and their communities and people who are very physically strong. So I think we need to set up an 'American Ninja Warrior' obstacle course at the border..."....Howard Dean on Montgomery: "Who is this idiot?"....Montgomery on Dean: "A humorless wretch...Your name is synonymous with failure."....ABC analyst Matthew Dowd: "How about you try making a 1,000-mile journey with little food or water...and see if you make it?"....Montgomery on Dowd: "How about you lock yourself in your humorless fart parlor so the rest of us don't have to hear from you?"....Trump: "Democrats will destroy your Medicare, and I will keep it healthy and well!"....Mikhail Gorbachev on Trump's decision to withdraw from US-Russia disarmament treaty: "Not the work of a great mind."....Trump: "Dems want to give illegal immigrants the right to vote."....Paul Krugman on Trump administration: "In the very near future, many government officials will probably face hard decisions about whether to defy illegal orders from political superiors. And remember, this is the good scenario."....Sen. Ben Sasse on Sean Hannity: "His core cause is to rage."....Hannity on Sasse: "Has proven to be the single biggest disappointment in politics today...Useless."....Trump on Dems: "They want to massively raise your taxes, impose socialism on our country...They want to take away your health care, destroy your Second Amendment..."...Fox News host Laura Ingraham: "[Democrats want] to replace you, the American voters, with newly amnestied citizens and an ever-increasing number of chain migrants."....Trump on Dems: "Want to replace freedom with socialism...They want to replace the rule of law with the rule of mob."....Laurence Tribe: "For Trump, lying is indeed more than just a means to some material end. It is the end itself; the destruction of truth as the only basis of accountability."....Steve Bannon: "The real opposition is the media. And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with s***."....former White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci on Trump: "We both know that he's telling lies. So if you want me to say he's a liar, I'm happy to say that he's a liar."....Trump: "The Democrat Party is openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to...violate our borders and overwhelm our nation. The Democrats have launched an assault on the sovereignty of our country, the security of our nation, and the safety of every single American."....Rep. Steve King on immigrants: "If we don't defend Western Civilization, then we will become subjugated by the people who are the enemies of faith, the enemies of Justice."....Sean Hannity on Dems: "Do you want mob rule, or law and order?"....Stephen Colbert on Trump midterm election campaign: "He's just stuffing all the fears into one Burrito of Doom."