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Libyan Military Forces Sock Key Oil Port
CNN Wire Staff | Libyan Military Forces Sock Key Oil Port | March 11, 2011

The military forces of Moammar Gadhafi on Friday pounded Ras Lanuf, the key oil port once in the hands of rebel forces, and its leadership confidently vowed the retake all territory from the opposition. Pro-Gadhafi forces cranked up an intense and steady bombardment of the city, believed to be by rocket, artillery and tank fire. A refinery was hit and a storage tank is on fire. Huge plumes of thick, black smoke can be seen...

Rise of the Ethnoburbs
Timothy Egan, The New York Times Opinion Pages | Rise of the Ethnoburbs | March 11, 2011

Just east of the still-seething volcano that is Charlie Sheen a visitor finds The Great Mall of China, so-dubbed, 12 acres of new-century America in the midst of an ethnic makeover far more compelling than the Twitter bursts of a raging celebrity. Its formal name is San Gabriel Square, a crowd of restaurants, bubble tea shops and high-fashion footwear boutiques in a prosperous middle-aged suburb with a majority-Asian population. You can walk around for an afternoon, as I did, and hear nothing but Cantonese and Mandarin. But what stands out about the Great Mall, in this part of the West, is that it no longer stands out at all...

Live blogging: "Muslims in America" Hearings

Live blogging 'Muslims in America' hearings: The only Muslim in Congress breaks down in tears telling 9/11 Muslim firefighter story...

Hoard of Cash Lets Qaddafi Extend Fight Against Rebels
James Risen and Eric Lichtblau, The New York Times | Hoard of Cash Lets Qaddafi Extend Fight Against Rebels | March 10, 2011

The Libyan leader Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi has “tens of billions” in cash secretly hidden away in Tripoli, allowing him to prolong his fight against rebel forces despite an international freeze on many of the Libyan government’s assets, according to American and other intelligence officials...

A Glow in the Desert
Penelope Green, The New York Times | A Glow in the Desert | March 9, 2011

YOou won’t find directions to the Field Lab, a homestead two and a half miles off Highway 118, deep in the West Texas desert and 30 miles or so from the Mexican border, on MapQuest. But John Wells, who built the place and lives there all by himself, will meet you under a highway billboard in his white Toyota pickup and lead you in, accompanied by a cloud of tenacious Fizzle Flat dust. (He might even offer you dinner: a plate of red beans, rice and broccoli, and a tangy slice of homemade cheese, olive and beer bread, cooked all afternoon in his solar oven.)...

Libyan Rebels Set Back In Key City By Qaddafi Forces' Assault
Kareen Fahim and David D. Kirkpatrick, The New York Times | Libyan Rebels Set Back In Key City By Qaddafi Forces' Assault | March 8, 2011

Forces loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi seemed to be gathering momentum as they renewed their onslaught on both the eastern and western fronts on Tuesday, threatening the western city of Zawiyah and conducting airstrikes here in the east after taunting rebels with flyovers and bombing runs near this coastal city’s oil refinery...

On International Women's Day, Honoring A Woman Who Told The World About Rape In Congo
Enough Project Team, Christian Science Monitor blog | On International Women's Day, Honoring A Woman Who Told The World About Rape In Congo | March 8, 2011

March 8 marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. To commemorate the achievements and ongoing challenges women face in some of the world’s most devastating conflicts, Enough is publishing profiles each day this week of women doing exceptional work to end atrocities and support survivors in Congo, Sudan, and LRA-affected territory...

Who Wants a Pre-Owned Shuttle? Everyone.
Kenneth Chang, The New York Times | Who Wants a Pre-Owned Shuttle? Everyone. | March 8, 2011

Condition: 27 years old, 150 million miles traveled, somewhat dinged but well maintained.

Price: $0.

Dealer preparation and destination charges: $28.8 million.

So, does anyone want to buy a used space shuttle?

Yes, it turns out...

Gaddafi Forces Mount Fierce Counterattack: Witnesses Describe 'Massacre' In City Under Siege
Leila Fadel and Anthony Faiola, Washington Post Foreign Service | Gaddafi Forces Mount Fierce Counterattack | March 5, 2011

Forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi escalated their fiercest counterattack yet against the opposition Saturday, laying violent siege to a rebel enclave in the strategic western port city of Zawiyah...

The Disposable Woman
Anna Holmes, The New York Times Op Ed | The Disposable Woman | March 4, 2011

FORTY-THREE minutes into his “special live edition” with Charlie Sheen on Monday night, Piers Morgan finally got around to asking his guest a real question. Before that, Mr. Morgan and Mr. Sheen had mostly traded chuckles and anecdotes about multiday benders, inflated network salaries and meet-ups in Aspen, Colo. But then, after three commercial breaks, Mr. Morgan inquired, “Have you ever hit a woman?”...