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May 13, 2018

"Imagine if [the Stormy Daniels story] came out on October 15, 2016, right in the middle of the debate with Hillary Clinton."-- Giuliani"It had nothing to do with the campaign. It was a personal matter."-- Giuliani on Stormy Daniels payment"

May 12, 2018

"[NBC News cites] sources which are constantly wrong...The sources probably don't exist, they are fabricated, fiction!...Despite the tremendous success we are having with the economy, and all things else, 91% of the network news about me is negative (Fake). Why do we work so hard when it is corrupt. Take away credentials?"

– Trump

May 11, 2018

"He wasn't told. But even if he was told, he wouldn't have remembered it, like I wouldn't have remembered it."

– Rudy Giuliani on Trump and payment of $130,000 to Stormy Daniels

May 10, 2018

"I think I would get on my charger and go right into their offices with a lance if they go after Ivanka...Now, I think if they do do Ivanka, which I doubt they will, the whole country will turn on them. They're going after his daughter?...Jared is a fine man, you know that. But men are, you know, disposable. But a fine woman like Ivanka? Come on."

– Rudy Giuliani on Mueller investigation

May 09, 2018

"Learn before you speak. It's a lot easier."

– Trump to reporters

May 08, 2018

"I am Trumpier than Trump."

– West VA Senate candidate Don Blankenship

May 08, 2018

"I am Trumpier than Trump."

– West VA Senate candidate Don Blankenship

May 07, 2018

"Phony Witch Hunt...The Russia Witch Hunt is rapidly losing credibility."

– Trump

May 06, 2018

"In London, which has very tough gun laws, a once very prestigious hospital right in the middle is like a war zone for horrible stabbing wounds...And it's said there's blood all over the floors at this hospital. They say it's as bad as a military-war-zone hospital. Knives, knives, knives."

– Trump to NRA

May 05, 2018

"Your Second Amendment rights are under siege, but they will never, ever be under siege as long as I'm your president."

– Trump to NRA