Duke's Video Vault

The D2K Presidential Campaign Revisited

With the country perpetually ginned up for the next presidential smackdown, Doonesbury.com presents for your viewing pleasure an exclusive look back at the campaign videos of Duke2000 -- Ambassador Duke’s “Absolutely Nothing To Lose” run for the White House as a maverick Reform Party candidate. E-campaigning from his headquarters at the E-Z Rest Motor Lodge in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, Duke set out to prove that an average citizen, with nothing more than a laptop, a few spam speeches, and a sackful of soft money, could make political history.

Jukin' Duke

This legendary campaign spot proves that an animated 3-D white guy can dance and run for president at the same time. His agenda? "I want to insert my fingers into the nostrils of America -- and lift her up!"

Me & Kathie Lee

Speaking via remote to a gathering of Hollywood glitteri, Duke announces his vice presidential running mate: "Some of you are probably wondering if I have lost my mind. Okay, fair enough."

A Day in the Life

Apocalypse 200

This is the end -- or close to it -- as Duke suffers a major meltdown: "The horror....The horror."

West Wing

On election night, Duke occupies the Oval Office and unveils his vision of America: "Full of piss and vinegar, ready to kick ass at home and abroad."