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    Nancy Nehls Nelson | Weaverville, NC | July 15, 2018

    Having lost the DEM Primary here in Asheville ( "cesspool of sin") for a measly county commissioner seat, I have been licking my wounds and feeling betrayed by my own party since May. Your program Alpha House has pulled me out of my misery. You hit the nail on the head about NC politics! Gil John Biggs is perfect. Hell, we elected a US Representative out here in the mountains because he was a TN quarterback 20 years ago; he could barely speak in complete sentences. Please give us more! McCroy is gone, but the crazies in Raleigh remain, passing bathroom bills and micromanaging our local government. Your humor never gets old (and I'm your age). Thanks!


    Ronald | North Little Rock, AR | July 15, 2018

    Re today's strip: "In guys, the brain develops late, especially the part that affects judgment and impulse control." Which is why girls are smarter than boys and boys so much more easily distractable, placing the burden of boys' lack of self-control onto girls who are expected to assume responsibility for said lack of self-control by curtailing their behavior and dress code standards accordingly. Thus the American education system systematically disenfranchises girls to focus disproportionately on boys, thereby perpetuating pay inequity and other gender-based injustices while simultaneously upholding the high status of male-dominated professional sports, within which assumptions of male privilege to the detriment of female autonomy are distressingly commonplace. Seriously, I thought everybody knew this stuff...


    Grant H. | Hamilton, CANADA | July 12, 2018

    Re: the five-years-ago-today Flashbacks strip about Afghanistan. Right at the end of the film Charlie Wilson's War, the senator asks for, I think, three million dollars to build schools, after hundreds of millions had been spent on supporting the ouster of the Soviet Union, including arming the Mujahideen. He was refused. I suspect that building schools immediately might have led to a better situation. And also, buying opium rather than destroying fields of it, and thus the livelihood of farmers.


    Jim Cummings | Arlington, VA | July 09, 2018

    As a Vietnam veteran and 25+ year Reservist, I'd like to say today's Classic strip nailed it. Each panel was perfect, especially the last. Twenty years since I retired and I still have trouble not using the F-word in my civilian job. In my era, the deal was we got paid less, but got to die last. Now, "Active" and "Reserve" have lost all meaning...


    John R. Ziemba | La Grange Park, IL | July 08, 2018

    Even at a once-a-week-pace, GBT has his fingers on the pulse of Trump Nation. Who cares if the president's promise-keeping will actually negatively impact his base? Their guy won, so they're winners, too. The emperor is naked, but they see a man in a tux.


    Roger Webb | Little Rock, AK | July 08, 2018

    Today's strip goes to a key problem we're facing. Sixty million plus people voted for Donald Trump. That's an objective fact each of them knows. Now, as Trump's incompetence and inhumanity drive us over the cliff, what are these people going to do. They can't alter the fact of their vote. More likely, they will deny reality as long as they can and then try to find somebody to blame that will not include themselves or Trump. I'm a psychologist; my people have research on this. Most of the Trump voters (other Republicans as well) will vote for him again if they get the chance, and the odds of that will go up as things get worse.


    Mike | Bayonne, NJ | July 07, 2018

    That June 24 message took a couple of weeks to grow on me, but I do think that 'We're Not Cruel' is a good place to start.


    Charlie Bing | Edmonton, CANADA | July 04, 2018

    Dear lord, how did I manage to miss today's Classic strip about removing B.D.'s helmet? I mean, I knew they had to do that later, when he was wounded... but this reference is brilliant. Damn, but I love this strip. Thanks for all the years.

  • 20 YEARS

    George | Tequesta, FL | July 04, 2018

    I just read the 20-years-ago-today Flashback strip, in which Zonk reassures B.D. that it'll be 20 years of crime and violence before marijuana is legalized. GBT, you're beginning to scare me...


    Maryhelen Posey | Calgary, CANADA | July 02, 2018

    Several times these past few weeks you have posted items in the Daily Briefing that I would not likely have come across otherwise, which I found very interesting/important/both -- today's is a beautiful example. So thank you very much!


    Sharon Smith | Canaan, ME | July 01, 2018

    I hope someday you can replace the blurry versions of the old Sunday strips -- like today's 45-years-ago impeachment-discussion strip, which needs wider circulation right this minute. Many people have forgotten the widespread fear back then, that impeaching Nixon would result in an Agnew presidency. America did bring Nixon down, and his loss was our gain.

  • ZOT!

    Edward Cherlin | Columbus, IN | July 01, 2018

    Game change, indeed. We thought we were playing Clue (Putin's stooges, with fake news, on Facebook? Wikileaks, with Clinton's e-mails, in the Ecuadorian Embassy? Comey?!!?!) but now it's dodgeball, with Republicans in Congress thinking that they own all of the balls. Thank you for continuing to show us that they don't. Zot!


    Grant H. | Hamilton, CANADA | June 28, 2018

    Zonker's 45-years-ago jail travails, currently being revisited on the Flashbacks page, are a sobering reminder of what it used to be like. Running them coincides with the first few days of marijuana being legal in Canada -- what a difference! Yesterday I was at a Toronto Beach and a fellow on the next bench was smoking a joint. People have been occasionally doing this for years of course, but now it is utterly legal. I dont think it is harmless and now I dont like the odor at all, but this is immensely better than trying and jailing people, which can be deeply harmful to thousands of people and is a waste of taxpayer money. Now we can start growing hemp for paper instead of cutting down forests.

    Editor's Note:

     Another Canadian reader offers additional detail: Though the legislation has been passed, pot is not yet legal. "The Federal government has made 17 October the date the new law will come into effect, the rationale being that the provinces need time to get the regulations sorted out."

  • PAUL

    Terry D. McGee | Sydney, AUSTRALIA | June 25, 2018

    I must agree the Corden & Paul McCartney Carpool Karoake is heartbreakingly wonderful. It is exquisite and reminds us why so many of us love Paul so much -- echoes of the rooftop performance in Let It Be. And Paul is so himself despite being surrounded by so much ....


    Ed Cherlin | Columbus, IN | June 25, 2018

    "We're not cruel" covers a lot of ground. * Plead for the widow and the orphan, and the stranger who lives among you. * If your enemy is hungry, feed him. * Whatsoever you do to the least of these, you do to me. * All humans are created equal. * Unalienable rights. * Equal protection of the laws. * Liberty and justice for all. -- I can't think of anything that that leaves out. Education? Check. Health care? Check. No hate crimes? Check. No police murders? Check. Ending poverty and oppression everywhere? Check. Not crashing the economy? Check. Not making baby Jesus or baby Buddha or baby whomever cry? Double check and checkmate.

  • MAGA

    David Barylski | Ellicott City, MD | June 25, 2018

    Here's a slogan for Mel, one that I (and perhaps many others) would enthusiastically support: "Make America Good Again."  I'd be happy to do anything I could to get this message across.


    Lewis C. Larson | Milton, USA | June 24, 2018

    I do not have contempt for the vulnerable, but I do not want to support the poor of the world. I support my family, but do not want the USA bankrupted by supporting the world...


    J.B. | Sunny, CA | June 24, 2018

    In re: "We're not cruel!" "Don't be evil" worked pretty well for Google. Until it didn't...

  • 23 MINUTES

    D.L.S. | Newtown Square, PA | June 24, 2018

    Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. Expected another depressing day reading the news out of D.C. Instead came across the June 23 video of Corden and McCartney. Spent the most enjoyable 23 minutes I've had in a long time.


    Allison | Quarryville, PA | June 24, 2018

    I'm with Joan on this one. I'm watching a lot of campaigns, and so far they often are sounding like today's strip. It's a good start, but it's only a start. What else have they got? There's an eager and waiting audience hoping for a cogent answer.